Digital Marketing from ACG

Digital Marketing is a premier marketing method employed to advertise,
entertain, and inform captive audience customers awaiting service.

  • Sharpen Your Brand Image
  • Manage Traffic Patterns
  • Increase Sales
  • Train Employees
  • Launch New Products and Services
  • Utilize Multi-Channel Targeted Advertising

Nobody wants to look at advertising all the time. Provide a break to your customers with these topics:

  • World News
  • Weather
  • NHL News
  • Today In History
  • National News
  • Breaking Stories
  • Lifestyles
  • NCAA News
  • Business News
  • NBA News
  • Odd But True
  • Stock Indexes
  • NFL News
  • Quotes

Specialized financial backgrounds are also available for many applications. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rate Board
  • Manager's Message of the Day
  • Photo Album of Activities


Digital Marketing combines full-motion video with audio, Flash animations, moving images, and up-to-date information with
targeted marketing messages. Finished custom storyboard images are sent via the Internet or ATM
network to TV monitors, LCDs, plasma screens, and even wireless devices—literally anything that can project an image!
Digital Marketing also gives you the flexibility to target unique messages to specific audiences at various branches.
Imagine being able to broadcast a congratulatory message for an employee of the month to one branch, while simultaneously broadcasting a celebratory anniversarymessage to another!

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