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ACG's Enhanced Card Security Solution (ECS)

ECS series of products provide detection of skimming attempts at the card reader bezel and provides signal jamming, which prevent the criminals from securing the card data they desire. It can also connect to your current alarm panel for remote monitoring with no additional hardware required. It installs in less than one hour in most ATMs. When combined with DISC, it provides best-in-class protection for your ATM.


Detection is Important but it’s Not Enough
It is imperative to protect your ATM with a unit that detects overlay skimmers, but this alone does not keep your customer from being compromised. It just lets you know there is a potential threat being installed.

Signal Jamming Adds Essential Protection

Once a threat is detected, it can take hours or even days for the service provider to respond to alert messaging- leaving your customers susceptible to their card data being stolen. By jamming the area around the card reader with an electro-magnetic signal, card data is not compromised.

Overlay Skimming

The Method

Sitting outside the ATM card reader bezel, they are quick to attach and retrieve. Overlay Skimming is a favorite among ATM criminals. Overlay skimming is the most common and known skimming method.

The ACG Solution

Our ECS Overlay Skimming solution is designed to accommodate all models of ATMs. We typically are able to utilize the original bezel so your customers are not alerterd to anything different in the bezel area. The ECS is a versatile and durable solution to assist in the Overlay Skimming method.

Our device detects the presence of an Overlay Skimmer and then emits a jamming signal to prevent the criminals from securing the card data they desire.

Deep Insert Skimming

The Method

Criminals have developed various designs to insert a card data capture device into a card reader. All designs are as thin as possible so there is still room for an ATM card to ALSO be inserted into the card reader opening.

The ACG Solution

Our Deep Insert Skimming Countermeasure (D.I.S.C.) quickly is attached to your ATM's card reader. The card reader opening is narrowed to balance the reliable inserting of a customer ATM card and the desired inability to have both an ATM card and a deep insert skimming device in the opeining at one time. This of course prevents the criminals from securing the card data they desire.