ACG's Casino Support Services Team provides a wide range of parts and support services to the gaming industry with efficiency and expertise. We are also one of the largest providers of service, support and parts for all types of ATMs and cash dispensing machines that can be found on most casino floors.

    Service Solutions for Projects:

     - On Demand Staffing

     - Installation & Re-Installation

     - Move and Remove

     - Configuration

     - Professional Consultation and Planning Services

    Parts, Repairs and Warehousing:

     - Multiple Warehouse locations with in-stock parts for Kiosks, ATM’s and Cage Equipment

     - Bench Repairs

     - Logistics/Warehousing for Domestic and International Shipments

    Customer Benefits:

     - Reduce costs, increased productivity

     - No disruption of current staff schedules or daily operations

     - Complete projects and on-going tasks faster and “on-time”

     - Increase ROI in reduced costs, increased productivity and on as-needed basis

     - Avoid overloading current staff

     - On demand staffing without the expense of hiring and training temporary help


The ACG Advantage

We specialize in parts, replacement parts, in-house bench repairs, remanufacturing and field services.

With several world-wide warehouse locations, in the US and overseas, we have one of the largest selections of repair parts in inventory, therefore our customers experience increased up time.

ACG is committed to the highest industry compliance standards, offering top notch economical solutions. Our reputable firm has strict quality control standards.

“Your company needs a partner in business, not just a vendor. Let us show you how we can help you by doing what we do best, “WE MAKE IT EASY”.

ACG Gaming

Casino Project Services and Support

Our Casino Project Services team delivers the answers you have been looking for:

- Installation Projects

- Solutions for operational issues with added capacity, efficiency and expertise

- On demand staffing without the expense of hiring and training.

- Bench Repairs

- Logitics/Warehousing for Domestic and International Shipments

- Parts for Kiosks / ATM’s / Case Equipment

- Reduce costs, increased productivity

- Consultation and planning for any size project.