ACG Remanufactured Equipment


ACG goes beyond refurbishment in our worldwide state-of-the-art remanufacturing facilities located in Atlanta, Las Vegas, England and Poland.

ACG specializes in remanufacturing of ATM’s & Smart Safes.

Our qualified and professional team is here to assist in making the best purchasing decision, offering value, dependable quality as well as longevity after you purchase.

What Remanufactured Means: - Equipment is “remanufactured to look and guaranteed to perform like a new product”. This has been ACG’s standard for “REFURBISHED” ATMs since our inception.


    ACG Remanufacturing Process:

     - Complete Disassembly to Raw Shell

     - Shell Sanding & Re-Painting Process

     - Remanufacture Internal Components

     - Re-Assembly and Components Verification

     - Conduct Superior Quality and Burn In Testing

     - Product Wrapped and Packaged

     - Prepared in our Facility for Safe and Secure Shipment

Remanufactured equipment is an environmentally friendly way to upgrade and expand your brand, it should almost always be discussed as an alternative to brand new equipment.