Teller Cash Recyclers

ACG is honored to be named a Master Distributor for ATEC LTA Teller Cash Recyclers. Providing installation, support, parts, and service. Providing customers with everything necessary for a successful cash automation program!

Operational Features:

    • Up to 12 denominations recycling (multi country currency)

    • From 17,100 (LTA-380) to 22,800 (LTA-450) notes of storage capacity

    • Operational (Transit) cassette is available inside safe for secure note loading and unloading

    • Optimally configurable cassette options based on various demands in capacity/denomination

    • High precision banknote recognition of images, patterns, etc.

    • Unattended self-audit and notes loading/unloading without exposure of operational (transit) cassette

Unique Features

    • Up to 600 notes of rejected notes or physical escrow capacity

    • Automatic retract of untaken notes

    • Use as desktop note counter, then automatic deposit of counted notes from output pocket

    • Entire note path is located outside of safe for increased security and easy maintenance

Best in Class Security


    • Accurate counterfeit notes recognition and ‘sort out’

    • Note serial number recognition and image capture

    • Equipped with international standard certified safe

    • Reporting of “duress” note dispense serial numbers and note images

High Efficiency

    • Smallest footprint

    • 8” foldable touch screen

    • On screen operator training and guidance videos

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