ACG has offered total solutions for the financial industry since 1986. Our unique combination of expertise and knowledge with financial institution products and services enables us to serve our banking financial institution and credit union customers as a total solutions provider and long-term partner.

Why ACG Service?

ACG only focuses on the needs of Community Banks and Credit Unions - We do not simply "get to you" after the "Super Regional Bank" service calls are complete.

We have the parts needed to service your ATM’s! - We purchase ATM’s by the hundreds from “Super Regional Banks”. We refurbish some ATM’s, remove spare parts from others, and provide the refurbished parts to clients around the globe. By using this business model, we have access to an abundance of parts, resulting in a decreased response time because our CSE’s (Customer Service Engineer's) have the “right” part at the “right” time in their van.

We have very happy customers! - We feel every customer we service will give you a good word about our response times, caring, and technical ability.

ACG has invested heavily in on an on-line “Portal” for our customers! - This allows you to enter a service call online through a web portal (if you prefer to call or email, of course you still can). You can then “track” the service call and see updates such as which CSE is assigned to the service call , when work begins, and when work is completed.

The portal has two views. One view gives very detailed information regarding purchase history, A/R, outstanding service calls , on-line purchase capability, and other options. The second view provides access for placing and reviewing service calls.

ACG Technicians are uniformed and carry ID badges! - This helps us ensure a professional and consistent appearance for our customers. This also gives your branch personnel comfort in knowing that the CSE in the ACG shirt is in fact an ACG CSE.

ACG has invested in technology to serve you better! - Each CSE carries an iPad with cellular communications for improved communication and access to knowledge databases. Each CSE van has a GPS tracking device ensuring the most efficient dispatch possible to your site.

ACG announces arrival to branch personnel! - Three cheers for common sense! Our CSE’s always let branch personnel know they are about to work on their ATM and branch equipment.

Conveniently located near the Atlanta transportation hub, ACG has 3 locations totaling over 130,000 square feet.

  • Our Main Facility is where the action is at ACG
    • Production bench tech center
    • State of the art paint facility
    • Disassembly/assembly teams
    • The largest inventory of stocked ATM parts in the industry
    • Shipping department with the tools to make sure you receive your product in great condition
    • Technology that includes customer web portals for tracking and account status


When you choose ACG – choose with confidence!