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ACG Announces Acquisition of Red Diamond LLC. Alpharetta, GA, October 3, 2019 - ACG has announced the acquisition of Red Diamond, LLC., a full-service logistics company focusing on ATM, Kiosk and related signage industry. 

Protecting your customers and your brand from skimming attacks. Every day you can read about ATM’s being skimmed. The Financial Institutions skimmed are often named and some have even been on the evening news. The losses are not only financial but also negatively affect the Financial Institutions reputation and brand. When a skimming attack is successful there is also a need for investigation and reporting so valuable resources are needlessly utilized. The two most common forms of skimming attacks are “overlay” and “deep insert”. 

How clean power can charge up the profitability of your ATM's - Over the years, I have been asked many times why some ATMs, whether new or refurbished, seem to have constant service issues after installation. Occasionally, the issue is simply a defective machine or defective part from the provider or OEM. But, most of the time, the real issue is related to power surges or fluctuations at the installation site.

Measuring ROI for ATM Upgrades - One of the most difficult aspects of managing an ATM fleet is determining if and when to upgrade or replace a machine. And if the answers are "yes," and "now," that's still not the end of it. In fact, those answers just give rise to more questions: "Should we go with fancy new equipment or opt for a more modest refurb approach?" "Should we replace like for like or add user-friendly features such as deposit acceptance?" "How much of an upgrade does this location justify?" "Would an upgrade attract more traffic?"

How to boost your bottom line with ATM service parts planning. - In a lean business environment, it might seem that only larger service companies with boundless resources can maximize the uptime of a customer's ATM fleet. But thanks to innovations in the supply chain arena, this is no longer the case. More companies are realizing the value of implementing an optimized service parts network. There are multiple approaches, though, and choosing the right solution for your business can be confusing.